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  2014 TDF

SpoonCamp special edition!

This year LiFF was invited to programme an evening of film for an outdoors event held by Dartington College and their Craft Revolution Spoon carving camp (SpoonCamp) with master spoon carver and all round wonderful teacher Barn the Spoon. We promised an evening of films loosely about making and getting lost (sometimes in the woods), we had a magical weekend thanks to everyone involved - here's the programme:

WP - World Premiere
UKP - United Kingdom Premiere
- Devon Premiere

Task 3 Sorry Tree

Dir: Clare Thornton - Oslo - 2:11

First shown in 2005. An Englishwoman apologising in a Norwegian wood, “I was set the following task: keep apologising while swinging from a tree, think of Esther Williams. This is my filmed response.”

Handmade Yorkshire - T Slinger Shoes

Dir: Christoper White - UK
Documentary - 7.00

A beautiful portrait of a craftsman who makes everything by hand.

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Sad Song

Dir: Alan Hanwell - Yorkshire
Animation - 2:50

Using a digital stills camera and shot in a single take, a new studio presents: “Some song and dance, with a cast of four - My Grandfather, Major Peregrine Parkhurst, our pro-active Camera man and me.”

A Roost for Every Bord

Dir: Jack Wormell - UK
Experimental documentary - 5.45

See, this is London!

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Sid Burnard - Free Spirit

Dir: Alex Wright - UK
Documentary - 25.00

Portrait of this warmly eccentric and joyous artist and his quest for the "perfect" piece of driftwood. Thanks to Goldmark Gallery for this film.

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Dir: Tim Copsey

Nice pictures of trees

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Dir: Oxlaey
Documentary - 1.00

Snappy film about handmade bricks in Iran.

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Experimental Animation and Pottery

Dir: Jim Le Fevre, Mike Paterson and Roops and Al Johnstone (RAMP ceramics), commissioned by the Crafts Council
Animation - 1.52

Starting with a pot and thinking about zoetropes, a potters wheel at 78rpm!

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Ex Animo

Dir: Anna Waszczuk POLAND
Animation - 7.00

A sheet of paper, a glass, an animator. An incredible, halucinatory look at a single moment in time.

Three of a Feather

Dir: Celia Rowlson-Hall - USA
Natural History - 6.00

They travel by carousel, lakes are their wishing well and they perform to empty theatre house with gusto.

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La Pînata

Dir: Manuel Arija - SPAIN
Dark Comedy - 3.00

Always a hit with the audience, quite violent and made by a film maker who really is going places. A busy square, a great days shopping and a street entertainer.

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And on he Walks

Dir: Elad Keidan
Dark comedy - 10.00

A father is filming his family on the beach... when, in the background, a couple start to argue. An amazing single shot film that looks at the journey of life in a profound way.

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Island Going

Dir: Alistair Macdonald
Experimental - 11.46

A short film about a traveller, a war torn island, radioactive sheep, pagan monoliths, packed lunches and dodgy guidebooks..

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Dir: Bob Dixon
Dark comedy - 3.29

A chimp discusses morals and pizza with a scientist


Japanese Handmade Paper

Dir: Kuroyanagi Takashi
Documentary - 5.40

Just amazing!

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The Adventures of Octocat

Dir: David O'Reilly - IRELAND
Animation - 5.00

An eight legged cat searches for his parents. Subversive, childlike and LOUD!

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Very special thanks:

Lou Rainbow and everyone at the Craft Revolution, Schumacher College and the Rusty Pig

Barn the Spoon and helpers for their incredibly light touch

All the filmmakers, past and present

Tim, Vanda and Pip the Dog - the selection committee.

Alex Tempest - batteries, noise and light

And you the woodland folk (audience)

Lee Kang-hyo 'Onggi Master'

Dir: Alex J Wright- UK
Documentary - 35.00

Lee is world-famous for mastering the traditional Korean technique called Onggi - a technique that allows him to make enormous, often man-sized pots. Watch him constructing three of these giant Onggi pots over a five-day period, culminating in an exciting explosion of glaze and colour as Lee sets about decorating them in his inimitable fashion.

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Two films about making chairs

The following are two films that we'd have loved to have shown but they were too long, so enjoy them here...


Dir: Adam Newport-Berra - USA
Being there - 20.00

In the woods of upstate New York, an Oak tree is turned into a traditional post and rung stool.

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Dir: Ian Denyer - UK
Being there - 29.17

Part of the BBCs Handmade series, Jim Steele makes a chair - simple!

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Thanks for supporting LiFF everyone at SpoonCamp x