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  2014 TDF

Thanks to all the filmmakers who have submitted their work, we had almost 200 entries to choose from and films from all over - Australia, Wales, Bulgaria, Canada, Russia, Scotland, Czech Republic, India and a lot of places inbetween - thanks again.

We will update these pages in the next few days, hopefully to include links to the films online.

"That's the best festival I've ever been to!"
World travelling industry professional

WP - World Premiere
YP - Yorkshire Premiere

La Pînata

Dir: Manuel Arija - SPAIN
Dark Comedy - 3.00

A busy square, a great days shopping and a street entertainer.

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Dir: Tristran Hutchinson - IRELAND
Experimental - 1.00

The poetry of snow.

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Before the War

Dir: Jared Katsiane - USA
Archive / Storytelling - 5.40

Using 8mm footage, the story of a small boy growing up and going to war.

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Bon Appetit

Dir: Craig Knowles and David Ridges (Kilogramme) - UK (Manchester)
Comedy / Animation - 3.30

A Monster eats a little girls ice cream, and she'll stop at nothing to get it back...

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Little Red Riding Hoodie

Dir: Beth Stack and Olivia Allen Smith - UK (Wakefield)
Cautionary Tale - 3.30

All the better to...

Holmfirth Tiger

Producer: ITV - UK
Documentary - 2.00

Back by popular demand, the story of two Holmfirth ladies and their extraordinary pet.
The Amazing Story of Renfrew Mainwaring of Bolsterstone

Dir: Alan Hanwell UK (Wortly)
Comedy / Cautionary Tale - 5.00

What happens when you get a lump on your head! NB. Anvil Studios have relocated to Gateway Studios.


Dir: Ed Roebuck and Alex Hislop - UK (Penistone)
Comedy / Parody! - 5.00

Regular submitters to the festival are finding it hard to come up with a subject.

La Carte

Dir: Stefan Le Lay - FRANCE
Comedy - 7.30

A seaside love story.

Part Two:
A programme based on Shakespeares seven ages of man


Dir: Gyorgy Kristof - CZECH REPUBLIC
Drama - 5.00

To cross the border a mother pays a very high price.


Dir: Debbie Howard - UK (Sheffield)
Drama - 3.30

Ellie is being bullied. Finding it too much to deal with on her own she asks for help and sees her bully as he really is.

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Not Everyone

Dir: Tommy O Conner and the Rochdale Movie Makers - UK (Rochdale)
Drama - 6.45

A meeting of two minds.


Jeux du Mains...

Dir: Myriam Moraly - FRANCE
Comedy - 9.30

Marine is invited by her boyfriend to dinner. Unexpectedly this is a silent dinner...

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Rock Bottom

Dir: Robert Lorrimer - UK (Cleckheaton)
Cautionary Tale - 2.40

A man faces many highs and lows during a lifetime, but there is only one 'rock bottom'.

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Distant Thunder

Dir: Venetia Taylor - AUSTRALIA
Comedy / Drama - 7.20

Pam and Richard are divorced, he has a new life, but there is something on the horizon.

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Dir: Dave Lee - UK (Newport)
Experimental / Poetry - 4.00

An adaption of Philip Larkin's 1964 poem 'Here' read by Sir Tom Courtenay.

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Part Three:
Two films that you'll remember for the rest of your life.


Dir: Darren Bolton - UK (Leeds)
Drama - 16.30

An incredibly moving and honest study of love, loss and letting go. Based on a true story.

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The External World

Dir: David O'Reilly - GERMANY
Drama - 15.00

A boy learns to play the piano.

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