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  2014 TDF

Thanks to all the filmmakers who have submitted their work, we had over 150 entries to choose from and films from all over the globe as per usual - including two incredible films from Iran, an Oscar nominee and two films from one of the most exciting young film makers in America (we're showing both!) - thanks again for making the selection process so hard, and so very enjoyable.

"It's a bit depressing this year!"
Audience member

"I found it incredibly uplifting!"
Another audience member

WP - World Premiere
UKP - United Kingdom Premiere
- Yorkshire Premiere

The Adventures of Octocat

Dir: David O'Reilly - IRELAND
Animation - 5.00

An eight legged cat searches for his parents. Subversive, childlike and LOUD!

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Dir: Rhys Fullerton - SCOTLAND
Drama - 3.00

One last glorious swing!


I Met the Walrus

Dir: Josh Raskin - USA
Animation - 5.15

In 1969 14 year old Jerry Levitan snuck into John Lennon's hotel room, this is the recording he made.

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Our Time

Dir: Josie Hanwell - ENGLAND
Grandaughter of Alan, LiFF winner 2007
Storytelling - 4.00

A young woman muses on the future and what it holds for her and her friends.


Back to the Start

Dir: Johnny Kelly - ENGLAND / IRELAND
Johnny was LiFF winner 2009
Animation - 2.20

A farmer, his farmsome pigs and the cycle of life.

YP... A very sneaky peak thanks to the wonderful people at (name of restaurant here!)

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Hockney on Smoke

Dir: Aidan Walker - ENGLAND
Animation - 1.00

Artist, David Hockney likes a fag.

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Protecting Our Way of Life

Dir: Bob Dixon - ENGLAND
Animation - 2.00

A postcard view of England and it's changing landscape. Longlive the Queen.


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Three of a Feather

Dir: Celia Rowlson-Hall - USA
Natural History - 6.00

They travel by carousel, lakes are their wishing well and they perform to empty theatre house with gusto.


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Dir: Venetia Taylor - AUSTRALIA
Comedy - 5.07

A lesson in growing old disgracefully. Another amazing film from a prolific writer and great director.


Dir: Rebecca Papworth - ENGLAND
Comedy Drama - 9.30

Gwen is selling her ex's stuff at a car boot sale, then he turns up!


Dir: Ismael Ferrer - SPAIN
Horror - 7.00

The camera was a birthday present. One of the creepiest films we've EVER seen

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La Huida

Non competition film
Dir: Victor Carrey - SPAIN
Adventure - 11.00

An elaborate heist, shown blow by blow. An amazing international competition winner

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DP: Paul Robinson - UK
Drama - 8.00

Shot on the moors above Langsett, this is a work in progress. So it's a pre-premiere!



Dir: Venetia Taylor - AUSTRALIA
Dark comedy - 8.19

A less than heart warming story of friendship and celebrity culture?


Tonight is not a good night for dying

Dir: Ali Asgari - IRAN
Drama - 4.15

One mans last few minutes on earth. An incredibly shot film that leaves you questioning the action.



Dir: Tommy O Conner
and the Rochdale Movie Makers - ENGLAND
Drama - 11.00

Will he, can he, end it all? A suicide comedy!

Prom Night

Dir: Celia Rowlson-Hall - USA
Dance - 6.00

Has she been stood up? Is she locked in? A character of many parts, plays out an incredible quick change, choreographic film that's wooing festival audiences worldwide.


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Very special thanks:

The Waggon & Horses and Battye Family

All the filmmakers, past and present

Tim, Vanda and Pip the Dog - the selection committee.


Chris at Impossible Theatre

Holmfirth Film Festival

And you the audience






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